Mentoring Programme

Building entrepreneurs who build South Africa.

ThembiSA is looking for young leaders


Approximately 70% of top management positions are still held by white South Africans. ThembiSA is passionate about upliftment and opening doors for young black South Africans.


ThembiSA’s CEO experienced the success of the PSG mentoring programme first-hand and believes it is an effective way to fast-track young previously disadvantaged individuals into senior management positions.

The programme allows the candidate to hone their strategic thinking before being placed as a leader in an operational role. 

About the role

  • 2-year duration depending on potential shown
  • The candidate will obtain an in-depth understanding of ThembiSA’s culture and strategies
  • Perform all duties of an analyst/investment associate
  • Attend board and executive meetings of investee companies
  • Lead crucial implementation projects at investee companies
  • Eventual placement at an investee company as a senior manager or executive director 
  • Ongoing mentoring from ThembiSA to ensure the candidate thrives in their placed position

What we look for

Passionate leaders looking for a big break that are:

  • Entrepreneurial with a passion for finding and building businesses
  •  Confident and excellent communicators 
  • Out-of-the-box thinkers with sound analytical skills
  • Recently qualified CA (SA), CFA or similar

To stay true to our transformation focus candidates must be previously disadvantaged with preference given to women