Who We Are

A black-owned B-BBEE private equity company founded on two fundamental pillars: TRUST and HOPE. “Thembi” comes from the route Nguni word “Themba” which means trust – the key to any successful relationship. A core characteristic of post-apartheid South Africa and its people is the Hope for a better future for all. Through this vision of trust and hope comes the word ThembiSA, itself a Nguni word meaning “to promise”. ThembiSA has made it its sincerest objective and promise to contribute positively to the story of South Africa by being a trustworthy investment partner empowering, through expert investment management, the hopes of South African entrepreneurs.

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

Desmond Tutu


ThembiSA Equity Investments (Pty) Ltd (“ThembiSA”) is a 51% black-owned B-BBEE private equity company (backed by PSG Group through its 49% shareholding) dedicated to South Africa’s growth, economic transformation and job creation. ThembiSA is focused on becoming the chosen investment partner to businesses in South Africa and with South Africa’s unemployment rate at its highest level to date and globally, we are committed to growing our investee companies ensuring they reach their full potential and thus become significant contributors to solving South Africa’s unemployment problem.

ThembiSA is passionate about transformation and has identified opportunity in the revised B-BBEE codes that have necessitated the need for companies to comply with these codes in order to attract business. By partnering with ThembiSA our investee companies increase their B-BBEE ownership points, as our fund structure allows for our investment to be recognised as 100% black-owned and our in-depth understanding of the black consumer can assist our investee companies to refine their thinking about the solutions they create in an African context. Through transformation strategies and our unique mentoring programme, we transform our investee companies over time to reflect the demographic of our country.

Our Vision

To contribute significantly to a prosperous South Africa by creating opportunity for its people.

Our Core Values

ThembiSA is anchored by the principles of integrity, collaboration, empowerment and alignment of interests.

We are driven by a culture of continuous improvement, creative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit in order to best serve our management partners, investors and country.